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Attaching Curtain Rods To Window Trim‏

Question: Just had trim added to new windows don't want to use wrong nails and cause split in the wood -- been there / done that in the other rooms. Where do I put the current rod bracket - the metal piece that goes into the wall and uses two nails to hold them in place? How do I avoid having heavy draped add too much weight to the curtain rod and thus pull the nails out and the whole thing is on the floor basically -- how to hang curtains and have them look nice / flush with window trim and make them stay in place not crooked either.

Answer: Put the curtain rod brackets beside the window trim, through the nails away and use number 6 self tapping screws, 1 inch long with pan heads (available at any hardware store). Use #6 plastic anchors, which will require a 3/16 inch hole in the drywall. Place bracket on wall, mark holes, drill holes in drywall, tap in anchors, screw the brackets into the anchors.