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Choosing The Right Windows For Your Home

When considering a window replacement for your home the two most important items to look at are the method of construction of the window frame and the construction of the windowpane.

All materials transfer heat or cold through them. However, some materials have better insulation factors than others. Air is one of the best insulators and because of that, a window frame should be constructed so that there is a gap between the outside and the inside of the frame. The gap will help to prevent the transfer of heat and cold through the window frame. Some manufacturers will insert a thermal barrier between the inside and outside of the frame made of a different material such as a plastic or composition plastic.

The best window pane insulation comes from placing an inert gas between two panes of glass. A gas such as argon has very low thermal conductivity. The second best method is to have two panes of glass, sealed, with an air barrier between them. A single pane of glass, even with a storm window does not provide much of a thermal barrier whatsoever. Tests have indicated that the temperature difference on the inside of a single piece of glass compared to the outside of the same piece of glass will be less than five degrees Fahrenheit, the addition of a storm window may take that difference from five to ten degrees.

With the cost of energy increasing yearly, it is very important to buy windows that will maintain the indoor temperature whether it is heating or cooling that is required. Windows and doors are the primary entry points for cold and the primary exit points for heat. An investment in good thermal windows will save you money in the long run and provide you and your family with the indoor comfort you desire.