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Doing a bathroom remodel..slowly?

Question: After the holidays, we'd like to remodel our 2nd floor bathroom. It's quite small, so this shouldn't be TOO terribly expensive.

However, all of our previous "big changes" have been handled by contractors. We're looking at doing this one ourselves, mostly because the "big money" has run out and now we'll just be able to budget a few hundred dollars per month, at best, towards home projects.

We don't need to make any "big changes" that would involve plumbing moves. The toilet, tub, and the sink won't be moving anywhere.

So, I was thinking I could do this "one piece at a time" replace the toilet one month, maybe alter the location / wiring of the light fixture above the sink the next month, redo the flooring another month, etc.

The tub will NOT be replaced. It's a claw-foot tub, but somewhere along the line, some crazy person decided to "box it in" with plywood and then put these teeny-tiny tiles all over the wood.

I was just wondering what would be the most logical order to do this stuff in? (Or if it even matters?)

I suspect that I may find a surprise or two under the flooring, as there is some sort of detectable "hole" or depression in at least one spot. They've got vinyl placed over that. But none of the fixtures seems to have unstable flooring underneath it, so I'm thinking there might be a bit of subflooring work that needs to be done, but hopefully nothing too scary.

I thought I'd start with the flooring, but then the thought crossed my mind that maybe a "top down" approach would be better (start with the high work and work my way down to the low stuff). Not sure. I'm very inexperienced in this sort of thing. I would obviously be hiring an electrician for the electrical move. But I'm thinking I can probably replace the toilet, the sink, and the cabinets all myself (given time and patience).

Answer: It is very difficult to do a bathroom remodel in bits and pieces primarily because things inter-relate to one another.

You really can't do the floor while the vanity and toilet are in place. You can't do the vanity, if the floor needs work. You can't tile walls unless you are not planning on replacing the faucets, if you are, the faucets have to come first, that means removing the wall. You can't change the sink, until you take care of the vanity.

I think it would be better for you to save the couple of hundred dollars each month and do the bathroom remodel when you have enough money saved to do the entire job as one exercise.

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