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Fitting Faucets Too Basins‏

Question: I am installing a new bathroom basin. Should I install the faucet before or after I install the basin?

Answer: There are two types of bathroom basins, those that have a set of holes drilled into the rim portion of the basin to accept the faucet and those that have the faucet either mounted through the countertop or on the wall above the basin.

In either case it is best to install the faucet into the basin, countertop or wall before installing the basin.

With faucets that mount into the basin rim or on through the countertop, the reason to install the faucet first is that once the basin is installed the access to the faucet connection area under the basin or under the countertop is much more difficult to get to once the basin is in position. This makes it difficult to tighten the nuts or other fittings that hold the faucet tight to the basin or countertop.

In the case of wall mount faucets, you do not want to have the basin underneath the faucet while the faucet is being installed. If you were to accidentally drop a piece of the faucet you could crack or chip the basin if it was already installed below the faucet.