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When Installing A New Bathroom Floor - Consider The Toilet

One of the most common mistakes made when installing a new bathroom floor is not to raise the toilet bowl connection flange so that it is level with the surface of the new floor.

If you are installing ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles on a bathroom floor that had sheet vinyl on it, you are most likely raising the floor a minimum of 1/2 inch and possibly as much as 3/4 inch.

In order for a proper seal to take place between the bottom of the toilet bowl and the drainpipe, the flange on the drainpipe must sit flush with the top of the new floor. There are products that you can purchase at your local hardware or big box diy retailer that will raise the height of the flange by increasing its thickness.

Toilet drainpipes do not have a trap installed within them, the trap resides in the toilet bowl. Hence, any sewer gases that may come back up the drainpipe will leak into the bathroom if the seal between the drainpipe flange and the toilet bowl is not tight. These gases, besides smelling very bad are toxic!

Bowl gaskets that have extended plastic are not sufficient to provide a seal.