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Baseboards In Bathrooms

Question: We are renovating a 4 piece bathroom that is primarily used by our two teenage boys. They can stand in the shower for an hour and the amount of moisture released into the bathroom is unbelievable. The old bathroom had severe water damage to the baseboards. What is your suggestion for baseboards in a bathroom with a shower?

Answer: Personally I prefer to use tile as a baseboard in a bathroom. I like the appearance and it will never rot.

However, if you do not like this style and many homeowners prefer to use a standard baseboard, stay away from baseboards made of MDF.

I suggest that you use pine or poplar baseboards and trim.

Make sure you paint the back side and bottom of the baseboard and trim. For the best protection paint the baseboards and all the wood trim in a bathroom with a shower using oil based primer and finished coats. Don’t forget to paint the ends of the baseboard and trim. The end grains will suck water up and into the wood, which is why most deterioration and damage of bathroom baseboards is at the ends of boards.