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Drywall Over Stucco Ceiling

Question: When we bought our home, the plaster walls had allot of cracks. None of them were due to structural issues. Merely old plaster that cracked. I've always been of the mind set that if you love plaster you have to love the cracks. But anyway, at the time my wife and I really liked the south-western look of stucco. I fixed all of the cracks, then applied a stucco finish with joint compound. It looks very nice. Now the misses wants a new kitchen with smooth ceiling and a boxed beam ceiling. My question is, can I apply new drywall over the stuccoed ceiling? or is it better to just tear it out and start the new drywall from scratch. Another option that I am pondering would be to add sleepers to the ceiling with 1x4 lumber and attach the new drywall to it.

Answer: If you can find the roof rafters in order to screw in the drywall there is no reason to remove the stucco or add sleepers. The key is to screw (use screws that will provide at least 1" penetration into the rafters) the new drywall to the ceiling rafters not to the stucco. Remove any high spots in the stucco with a scrapper.

Removing the stucco will create a real mess and you may also have to install new insulation if it is loose fill insulation as it will most likely come down with the stucco.