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How to Repair Baseball-Sized Hole in Drywall

Question: Someone threw something and it poked a hole right through the drywall. It's about baseball-sized, and I'm wondering what the best repair method is going to be. I want something that looks decent, since we're just renting this place.

My wife bought this fiberglass mesh patch-thing that has instructions and all that for fixing it. Is that a good way to go?

Answer: The mesh works, but it requires practice, to get a seamless finish. I would suspect that the hole has pushed the drywall in, rather than having an open hole. There should be enough meat of drywall to do a repair using spackling compound and then a cover layer of drywall joint compound. If necessary fill the hole with the spackle using multiple layers, as an example the first amount may only reduce the hole by a 1/2 inch once that is dry apply some more and it will fill in another 1/2 inch to 1 inch do this until it is filled, sand to remove any spots that are higher than the drywall. Then using drywall compound joint filler, put a covering layer over the spackle, and feather over the drywall, sand and if necessary apply another coat until smooth.

The problem with the mesh is that it has to be higher than the drywall and requires that you feather it out at least 12 inches to create a smooth finish, which is not easy if you haven't done it before.