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Types of Drywall

Most home handymen think of drywall as that grey material used for placing over studs to provide a finished surface that can be painted.

Drywall is sold under a variety of trade names and trademarks. Gypsum board, plasterboard, wall board, and Sheetrock are the most common names.

However there are numerous types of drywall besides the basic grey material that we are all familiar with:

  • Moisture resistant drywall which is usually colored green, blue or blue-green. As it is moisture resistant its most common use is in bathrooms.
  • For areas in the home such as garages and family rooms you can purchase drywall that is considered to be resistant to abuse and dents.
  • Drywall that has been manufactured to be resistant to sagging is also available. This material is an excellent product for ceilings where the weight of insulation or the application of a stucco texture could apply unusual weight to the drywall.
  • Where a vapor barrier is required you can purchase drywall with a foil backing. It should be noted however, that this type of vapor barrier is not continuous as the seams in the drywall are not covered with foil.
  • Drywall panels that are designed to deflect rather than transmit sound are also available and are an excellent choice for bedrooms that are next to one another.

Before you buy your next load of drywall panels consider your alternatives.