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Hairline Cracks In Plaster Walls

Question: I have an older home where the walls are plastered rather than using drywall. Some of the walls have a multitude of hairline cracks in them. My wife and I would like to eliminate the cracks but we do not want to replace the plaster with drywall or cover the plaster with drywall. What is the best way, without re-plastering or using drywall to eliminate the cracks?

Answer: If they are truly hairline cracks, meaning that you cannot put the edge of a piece of paper in the crack, you can purchase a heavy paint that will fill and conceal the cracks. Take some pictures of the worst cracked areas in your home and take them to a specialty paint store, not a big box home improvement center, and ask for their assistance in choosing a paint that will fill and hide the cracks.

If the cracks are larger than hairline, they will need to be filled and then I would suggest using a textured paint to hide the fill, which will be a different texture than the plaster itself.