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Tearing Down Plaster Walls

Question: I have been thinking of how nice it would look to tear down the wall between the kitchen and dining room and opening up that area. I just thought it would look really nice and I could put a sort of a bar right by the stove going into the dining room. I haven't given it a lot of thought because I wasn't sure how hard it would be or how much money it would cost. But I just watched an episode of Flip this house and they did exactly what I have thought of doing. And it looked great. I have never tore down plaster walls. But I have tore down sheetrock walls and built little niches in the walls and made them kind of like a museum to show off pieces of art. But I think plaster walls would be a lot harder to tear down than sheetrock is. What do you all think?

Answer: There are a lot of items to consider before you start tearing down walls. I suggest you read the article on demolition.