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Cracked Toilet Tank

Question: A toilet tank has cracked. We have another toilet so it's not a disaster. There is a crack running vertically about 2/3s down from the top. Is there any way to repair the tank? It is an American Standard tank and as best I could read the number on the lid, it is F 4058 95 and is an old tank. I called one hardware store and he said I should use a universal tank. Is this the best way or can I order from somewhere an exact match? Is it possible to buy a tank without the lid since the lid if fine?

Answer: Any of the big box home improvement centers will order you a tank. All tanks do not fit all bowls, so it is important that you give them the number, they will verify it with American Standard to find the correct current equivalent.

To my knowledge you cannot by the tank without the lid.

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