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Rocking Toilet

Question: We just moved into a resale home and one of the toilets rocks. It is very annoying and I would like to fix the problem. What is the best way to fix a rocking toilet?

Answer: I would use some plastic construction shims. You should be able to purchase them at any lumber yard or big box home improvement center.

Slide the shims under the base of the toilet until it is level and there is no rocking motion. Mark each shim to the edge of the toilet base, remove one shim at a time and cut it to the correct length so that none of the shim is protruding from the base.

Use a silicone sealant around the base of the toilet to hold the shims in place. Allow the silicone to set for a few hours before using the toilet and that should solve the rocking problem.

You may want to consider replacing the gasket at the base of the toilet before you start the leveling process. If the toilet was rocking for a long time the gasket may be deformed and no longer sealing the toilet to the waste pipe. As well, when you remove the toilet to change the bowl gasket you can clean the floor under the toilet base. If the toilet was rocking dirt will have gotten under the base.

Additional information on replacing a toilet bowl gasket.