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Toilet Flushing Problem

Question: I have an issue with one of my toilets. It won't flush right unless you hold the handle down. It was taken up from the floor and the drain was snaked out to 25 ft so there is no clog to that point. I don't think anyone checked for a clog in the toilet its self since I was still in GA at the time. What would be the next step?

Answer: If the toilet will flush correctly if you hold the handle down, the problem has nothing to do with the drain. The handle raises the flapper valve and allows the water to move from the tank to the bowl. When you move the handle, the flapper valve raises and should stay up until all the water has left the tank and then fall down so that the tank can be filled. Look at the flapper valve and chain holding it to the handle. The problem is with one of those items.

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