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Fuse To Circuit Panel Upgrade

Question: I am ready to do a major kitchen remodel. My electric includes a 1963 fuse box, with a subpanel from 7 years ago. 100 amp service. I fear I will be told to replace the box with a modern panel. How much should this be (approx)? Will this type of upgrade make my house more saleable? If I have to upgrade inside, do I have to upgrade outside (the pole and wire to the grid)?

Answer: A 100 amp service in this day and age is low. Most new homes have 150 minimum and 200 has become more common.

To upgrade the service they will (most likely) have to increase the wire gauge from the pole to your home, that portion of the upgrade is done by the utility.

A new circuit breaker panel for your home will cost (installed by a pro), between $1,250 and $2,000. A lot depends on where you are. You can obtain quotes very easily.

As to selling your home, many insurance companies will no longer insure homes with fuse panels - they demand circuit breaker distribution panels. It all depends on the competition in your area as to whether it will make your home more saleable, but in my opinion it most likely will.

Additional information on changing a fuse panel to a circuit breaker panel.