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Question: I saw a product on a website that is a flat electrical cable for 120VAC. It showed the installation of sconce lights without having to do any drywall repair. Apparently you just stick the Flatwire on a wall and then paint over it. Where can I buy this product?

Answer: You can’t buy the Flatwire product for 120 VAC because it has not been approved by UL or CSA.

The Flatwire product concept grew out of the many flat wire products that are made for telephone and communications. The 120 VAC flat wire product was first introduced around 2007/8. The manufacture has been unable to obtain approval and in my personal opinion although the concept is interesting from a safety point of view I think it is a disaster looking to happen.

Having 120 VAC literally sitting on the surface of a wall, covered only with paint, but hidden from the naked eye has a high potential of having a nail driven into it! You may know where it is today, but what about 10 years from now or what about the individual who buys your home!