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Circuit Breaker Trips When Light Switch Is Turned On

Question: I'm in the process of renovating my basement. I installed 4 "cans" in the ceiling ran about 30 feet of 14-2 to a switch, then about 20 feet back to the panel to a 15 amp breaker. It works great until I turn the switch off and back on. When I do that the breaker trips. I only have 60 watt bulbs in the cans. Is it a faulty switch or is it overloaded, wrong wire size?

Answer: Wire size is not the problem.

You will need to troubleshoot the circuit. I would start with the switch and the connections in the switch box.

60 watts times 4 bulbs is only 2 amps, well below the 15 amp breaker.

Additional information on troubleshooting electrical circuits.