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Change Circuit Breaker Or Split Power?

Question: How do I determine if I can safely upgrade a 15amp circuit breaker to 20amp without overloading the wires?

I’m almost done moving our home office to a corner of the house that has only one utility box to a 15amp circuit breaker. The total amperage for everything (fax, computer, etc.), being set up is 22-25amp (way too much for that breaker and outlets, of course).

Presently, there are 15amp breakers across the board. I would like to upgrade two breakers to 20amp to split the power and install two outlets on that same wall to distribute the power in a safer way.

Answer: You cannot change the tripping amperage of the breaker. 14-gauge wire is for a maximum of 15 amps. 12-gauge wire is needed for a 20-amp breaker.

Additional information on wire gauges and circuit breaker sizes.