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High & Low Voltage Cables

Question: I am planning on mounting my flat screen TV using a wall mounting assembly. I want to hide all of the wires behind the TV and then feed them through the wall down to the cabinet that has my DVD player, speakers and cable converter.

I was planning on putting a hole in the drywall behind the TV and just dropping all of the cables through that hole to behind the cabinet.

A friend said I need to put in an electrical box, not just a hole. Is he right?

Answer: Your friend is halfway to correct. You need to run an electrical box and install a proper electrical receptacle for the power for the TV. You should also install an electrical box and the proper connectors for the low voltage wiring – cable, speakers, etc.

You can purchase specially designed electrical boxes that place the connectors recessed from the face of the wall so that they do not hinder the TV from sitting against the wall.