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Kitchen Cabinets

Glossary Of Terms

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5-Piece Door

Defines cabinet door construction that is made by joining 2 stiles, 2 rails and a center panel together.

5 piece kitchen cabinet door


Items that are not part of the structure of the kitchen cabinet. This term can include items such as; Lazy Susan’s, shelf organizers, roll out wire baskets, waste baskets, etc.

Free Kitchen Cabinet Accessory Plans

kitchen cabinet accessories

Adjustable Shelves

Internal cabinet shelves that can be moved up or down to accommodate different heights of items that need to be stored. Adjustments can be made by the use of holes drilled in the side of the cabinet and shelf pegs or metal supports that have adjustable shelf supports.

Adjustable cabinet shelves

All Wood Construction

When the term all wood construction is used to describe kitchen cabinets it should imply that only pieces of solid lumber and plywood or only plywood is used to fabricate the kitchen cabinets.


Angled Corner Cabinet

A cabinet style created to fit in the corner of right angled walls. Using an angled corner cabinet eliminates dead space in corners that is created by normal cabinetry. Is available as a wall or base cabinet.

angled corner kitchen cabinet

Angled End Cabinet

A cabinet style created to fit on the end of a string of cabinets that provides an angled finished cabinet row end. Is available as a wall or base cabinet.

angled end wall kitchen cabinet


An ornate piece of wood that is installed on the face of cabinet frames or doors to increase the decorative appeal. In the cabinet industry it can also be termed an onlay.

kitchen cabinet appliqué


A cabinet door style that has an arch in the design.

arched kitchen cabinet door


The covering applied to the wall directly above a countertop. Usually ceramic or porcelain tile. Most formed laminate countertops come with a small backsplash as an integral part of the countertop.

How To Make A Backsplash

5 piece kitchen cabinet door

Back Raised Panel

A panel that is used to cover the back of a cabinet when it is visible. The back raised panel will match the finish of the cabinet doors and framing. Standard cabinets do not have finished backs.

kitchen cabinet raised back panel

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