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Kitchen Cabinets

Glossary Of Terms

Til to Woo




Toe Kick

At the bottom of most base cabinets there is an indented area. This area is defined as a toe kick. It allows the front part of your foot to have a place to reside when standing up against the cabinets.

kitchen cabinet toe kick

Undermount Drawer Slide

A drawer slide that is mounted underneath the drawer rather than on the sides of the drawer. An undermount drawer slide is not visible when the drawer is in the open position.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

kitchen cabinet drawer undermount drawer slide

Under Cabinet Lighting

Lighting that is installed under wall cabinets to provide additional countertop lighting and aesthetic effects. There are numerous types of under cabinet lighting.

Under Cabinet Lighting

kitchen cabinet under cabinet lighting

Upper Cabinets

See Wall Cabinets below


V-Groove Cabinet Door

A cabinet door or drawer front that has a number of vertical grooves milled into the face of the panel.

kitchen cabinet v-groove door


A piece of wood that creates a hollow box. It can be used to hide lighting and/or to join a cabinet grouping over a sink.

kitchen cabinet valance


A veneer is a very thin layer of material, usually wood that is applied to the surface of other material such as MDF. It provides the finish material. Veneers are available in almost all wood species and are much less expensive than purchasing actual pieces of the specific wood species.

kitchen cabinet veneers

Vinyl Laminate

A common material for inside kitchen cabinets. It is easy to clean and strong. It comes in solid colors, patterns and can even simulate wood grains.

kitchen cabinet vinyl laminates

Wall Cabinets

A cabinet that is mounted to the wall but does not extend down to the floor. Wall cabinets are usually mounted above kitchen countertops.

wall cabinets

Wood Species

The name that differentiates different types of trees.

Wood Species

wood species

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