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Kitchen Cabinets

Glossary Of Terms

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When a side or back of a kitchen cabinet is visible, the cabinet will most likely have a finished material called a skin (sometimes referred to as a veneer) applied to the visible portions of the outsides of the cabinet.



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Standard Cabinets

See Stock Cabinets below


Solid Wood Construction

The term Solid wood construction when applied to kitchen cabinets should indicate that the kitchen cabinets are made out of solid pieces of lumber and that no man-made or engineered materials are used.


Standard Overlay

When a cabinet door or drawer front allows a reveal of 1 1/2 inch on both sides it is considered to be a standard overlay

kitchen cabinet standard overlay


A stile is the vertical member of a face frame or cabinet door.

cabinet frame stile

Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinet are made by manufacturers who build cabinets prior to any specific order to a pre-defined group of sizes. These cabinets are then held in stock waiting for an order. There is no customization available for stock cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Stock Sizes



Inside a cabinet a stretcher, hanging rail or nailer is a hidden horizontal piece of wood that provides the cabinet support and is designed to accept fasteners to the wall to hold up the cabinets and secure the cabinets in place. A nailer can also be a piece of lumber attached to the wall so that the cabinets can be fastened to a structurally sound wall member.


Tall Cabinets

A tall cabinet is a kitchen cabinet that sits on the floor and ends at the same position as the top of the wall cabinets. Tall cabinets are generally used as pantries and to house ovens and microwaves.

Tall Kitchen Cabinet Standard Sizes

tall kitchen cabinets

TERP (Tall End Raised Panel)

A panel that is used on visible ends of tall cabinets such as pantries, oven cabinets, and refrigerator cabinets.


Thermo Foil


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