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Kitchen Cabinets

Glossary Of Terms

MDF to Onl




MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

MDF is one of the most popular engineered woods for cabinet construction. Its smooth surface makes it an excellent product to be used as the base material for laminating.



A covering that is used as a finishing material for countertops, shelving and inside walls of cabinets. Melamine is very strong and has a smooth non-porous surface.



When two pieces of lumber are joined at an angle. In the case of kitchen cabinet doors the angles of the stiles and rails intersect at 45 degrees. Mitered joints are much more difficult to make than butt joints. Kitchen cabinets that use mitered joints for the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are likely to be more expensive than those that use a butt joint.

mitered joint

Modular Construction

Each standard or stock size base, wall or tall cabinet is a module. When using standard or stock size cabinets to create a wall of cabinets it is called modular construction.

kitchen cabinet modular construction


A piece of material used to finish the edges, tops and bottoms or to provide decoration to cabinets and/or cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

kitchen cabinet molding


The piece of vertical material on a framed cabinet with more than one door.

mullion in a kitchen cabinet

Mullion Doors

Cabinet doors that are designed to take a number of glass panels use mullions to separate and hold the glass panels in place.

Glass Cabinet Doors

kitchen cabinet mullion doors


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