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Kitchen Cabinets

Glossary Of Terms

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Dentil Molding

Dentil molding is a trim piece that has been shaped in a tooth like fashion.

kitchen cabinet dentil molding

Distressed Wood

Distressed wood is new lumber that has been mechanically or manually altered to make it look old.

distressed wood

Dovetail Joint

There are numerous ways to join two pieces of wood together. Dovetail joints are one of the best methods of joining pieces of lumber together to make cabinet drawers. A dovetail joint is exceptionally strong. It is more labor intensive than other styles of joints and hence represents a level of quality in cabinet and furniture making.

Wood Joinery

kitchen cabinet drawer dovetail joint

Drawer Front

Most drawers constructed for kitchen cabinets have the decorative face applied to a compete drawer. The decorative face is known as a drawer front and matches the design of the cabinet doors.

Introduction To Cabinet Construction

kitchen cabinet drawer fronts

Drawer Guides

Drawer guides are the pieces of wood, metal or plastic that allows the drawer to slide in and out of the cabinet that it is mounted in.

Cabinet Hardware

kitchen cabinet drawer glides

Edge Banding

Is the finishing of an edge of engineered wood so that it appears to be solid wood.

kitchen cabinet edge banding

Edge Detail

A cabinet and drawer front can be machined to have intricate side or edge details. Also applies to kitchen counter tops.

Countertop edge detail

kitchen cabinet door edge detail

End Raised Panel

A panel that is used to cover the side of a cabinet when it is visible. The end raised panel will match the finish of the cabinet doors and framing. Standard cabinets do not have finished sides.

kitchen cabinet end raised panel

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is created by using small pieces of wood combined with an adhesive and then compressed. It is then veneered with a laminate or wood. Engineered wood is strong, but most importantly it does not warp, making it an excellent product for the sides, back and shelves in kitchen cabinets.

engineered wood for kitchen cabinets

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