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Kitchen Cabinets

Glossary Of Terms

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European Frameless Cabinets

See Frameless Cabinets below


Exposed Hinge

Exposed hinges are hinges that when the cabinet door is in the closed position part of the hinge remains visible.

kitchen cabinet exposed hinge

Face Frame

See Framed Cabinets below



Stock cabinets are made to specific sizes and in many cases it is necessary to use a filler piece of lumber in order to have the cabinets appear to go wall-to-wall. Most filler pieces are 3 to 6 inches wide and can be trimmed down to 1/2 inch.

kitchen cabinet filler

Finial Hinge

A finial hinge has a more decorative hinge pin then standard butt hinges.

Cabinet Hinges

kitchen cabinet finial hinge

Fixed Shelves

A fixed shelf is a shelf that cannot be raised or lowered. Fixed shelves give added strength to cabinets. In tall cabinets it is not uncommon to have both fixed and adjustable shelving.

kitchen cabinet fixed shelf

Flat Panel Door

A flat panel cabinet door is not raised and is actually recessed below the front of the door edges.

kitchen cabinet flat panel door

Fluted Rail

A piece of molding, usually installed horizontally to visually connect two sets of cabinets.

kitchen cabinet fluted rail

Framed Cabinets

In North America the original method of kitchen cabinet construction is to attach a frame to the front of all of the cabinets. The aesthetics of a framed cabinet is somewhat different to that of a frameless cabinet. The frame also provides extra cabinet strength. Hinges mount to the frame.

Face Frame Cabinets

kitchen cabinet - framed

Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets were created in Europe. As the name implies they do not have a frame and the hinges mount to the side panels of the cabinet. Frameless cabinets have the advantage of being less expensive to produce as there is less labor and material. They also provide unobstructed access to the interior of the cabinet.

Frameless Cabinets

kitchen cabinet - frameless

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