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Kitchen Cabinets

Glossary Of Terms

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When a cabinet door and drawer front is installed over a face frame so that it hides some or all of the face frame, its installation is called an overlay.

kitchen cabinet overlay door

Pantry Cabinets


Partial Overlay

When a cabinet door and drawer front is installed over a face frame so that a portion of the face frame is visible is called a partial overlay or may be defined by the amount of face frame that is showing such as 1/2 inch overlay.

Framed Kitchen Cabinets

cabinet door installed with a partial overlay

Particle Board

Particle board is a man made or engineered material. It is one of the most common materials used to make kitchen cabinets, because it is very stable and will not warp. Particle board is a manufactured using wood chips and adhesive which is then compressed. It then has a veneer of wood or plastic laminate applied to its surface.

particle board


A base kitchen cabinet that is only accessible from 3 sides. Usually found in an open L shaped cabinet layout. In many cases the peninsula cabinet will separate food preparation areas from eating areas. The peninsula can also be used for casual kitchen dining.

kitchen peninsula


Plywood is manufactured by taking thin sheets of wood and gluing them together. The more layers used, the higher the quality of the plywood. Each wood layer is placed in the opposite direction of the previous wood layer. This makes plywood very strong and very stable. A final layer of wood veneer or plastic laminate is then glued to the plywood.


Pull (cabinet dimension)

The distance from a wall that a kitchen blind wall corner or blind base corner cabinet can be installed while still maintaining the correct aesthetics of the cabinetry when a cabinet is installed on the adjacent wall.

kitchen cabinet pull

Pull (cabinet hardware)

The term pull when applied to a kitchen cabinet is the piece of hardware which allows one to open and close cabinet doors and drawers.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

kitchen cabinet drawer or door pull


When a cabinet is installed out of square, the doors and drawers will not align properly. This is known as racking

Framed Kitchen Cabinets

cabinet out of square - racking

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