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Kitchen Cabinets

Glossary Of Terms

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Base Cabinet

A cabinet that is designed to install on the floor. There are numerous styles of base cabinets including those designed to house sinks, those with drawers, combination drawer and cabinet, and corner units. The base cabinet does not include the countertop.

base kitchen cabinet


A panel that has been beaded using a router. The technique of beading is used to provide a country style aesthetic. Beadboard can be used for the sidewalls and/or the back or front of kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet doors.

beadboard on kitchen cabinets

Beveled Panel

A door panel or drawer front that has a bevel within its design.

beveled kitchen cabinet door

Blind Corner Cabinet

A cabinet design made to install in a corner. The adjacent cabinet butts up against the blind corner cabinet to provide additional storage space. Access to storage space in the blind portion of the corner cabinet is not as convenient as with an angled corner cabinet.

blind corner kitchen cabinet

Bridge Cabinet

A cabinet with a relatively small height dimension but with a deep depth, usually 24 to 27 inches which is made to go above refrigerators.

bridge kitchen cabinet


A boxed in area that fills the gap between the wall cabinets and the ceiling. The box prevents the accumulation of dust on the top of the wall cabinets. As well the box may be used to house ventilation ducts. Also called a soffit or fur-down.

kitchen bulkhead

Bumper Pads

A small piece of felt, cork, rubber or other soft material placed on a door frame to prevent a banging when cabinet doors are closed.

cabinet door bumper pads

Bun Foot

A decorative, furniture grade, foot used on the bottom corners of base cabinets to raise them off the floor.

bun foot


A grain pattern in a piece of wood. Burls are unique to any tree and no two burls are identical. Burls provide a decorative finish to panels in cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

burl panel cabinet door

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