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Kitchen Cabinets

Glossary Of Terms

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Color Variation

All lumber species have color variations. This is due to many factors including climate, soil and moisture. This is one of the things that makes each wood cabinet truly unique.

color variation in wood

Concave Door Panel

When a door panel has its shape curved inward, it is concave in design.

concave kitchen cabinet door

Concealed Hinges

When none of the hinge parts are visible when a kitchen cabinet door is closed it is called a concealed hinge.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

concealed kitchen cabinet hinge

Convex Door Panel

When a door panel has its shape curved outward, it is convex in design.

convex kitchen cabinet door


A corbel is a decorative bracket that is generally used to support visible shelving or objects.

kitchen cabinet corbel

Corner Blocks

A piece of wood or other material used to strengthen a corner or to provide a fixing element for another element. Base kitchen cabinets usually have a corner block in each corner to provide an area to attach the countertop.

kitchen cabinet corner block

Crown Molding

A crown molding is a finishing piece of lumber that fits on the tops of the wall cabinets. In many cases the kitchen cabinet crown molding hides the joint between the wall cabinets and the ceiling.

Installing Crown Molding

kitchen cabinet crown molding

Custom Cabinetry

Cabinetry that is manufactured completely to the customer’s specifications. In custom cabinetry there are no set sizes, styles, accessories, materials, colors or shapes.

custom kitchen cabinets

Dado Joint

A notch placed in a piece of wood in order to accept another piece of wood, creating a tighter more secure fit than a butt joint.

Wood Joinery

kitchen cabinet dado joint

Decorative Pull, Handle & Knob

Cabinet hardware that allows for the convenient opening and closing of cabinet drawers and doors.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

kitchen cabinet decorative pulls, knobs and handles

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