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Kitchen Cabinets

Glossary Of Terms

But to Clo




Butt Doors

Butt doors are left and right cabinet door installed on a single cabinet without the use of a center mullion. The doors when closed almost touch each other. Without a center mullion there is easier access to the interior of the cabinet.


Butt Joint

A term used when the edges of two pieces of wood are joined together without the use of any interlocking method of wood joinery.

butt joint

Cam & Dowel Connector

A fastener specifically designed for use with panel materials that do not securely accept screws being driven into end grains. These can and dowel or cam and bolt connectors provide an exceptionally strong connection between adjacent pieces of material that intersect at right angles.

cam and dowel fastener


A term used to describe the box that is created to act as a cabinet once the doors and/or drawers are installed. It may or may not have a back.

kitchen cabinet carcass

Cathedral Door

Cathedral Door: A style of cabinet door with modified arch as the door panel decoration.

cathedral kitchen cabinet door

Center Stile

A two door cabinet that has a vertical piece of lumber that is placed in a position to allow the open edges of the door to close over it, providing no visual access to the interior of the cabinet. It usually divides a cabinet opening equally. This piece of lumber may also be called a mullion.

kitchen cabinet center style

Clip-On Hinge Plates

When a hinge is built in two pieces, one piece that mounts on the cabinet and another piece that mounts on the door the two pieces are known as clip-on hinge plates. This is because they clip together to form the complete functioning hinge.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

clip on hinge plates

Close Grain Wood

This refers to wood species that have very tight annual rings. Close grain wood accepts staining extremely well and does not splinter. Popular close grain woods are: Basswood, Boxwood, Douglas fir, Sitka Spruce, Maple, Alder and Italian Walnut.

wood with a close grain

Closed (Sound) Knot

Closed or sound knots are allowed in No. 1 Common grade lumber, the most popular lumber grade for kitchen cabinets.

No 1 cherry lumber

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