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Getting Sick When Furnace Comes On

Question: It seems like when the furnace first came on this year, my nose was running like a tap and I was feeling lousy.Then we had a warm spell and it cleared up. Now it's cold again with the furnace coming on again and my problem has returned.We have had mice in the house and I wonder if their droppings are in the ducting causing illness. I'm wondering if I should bring in somebody that does air quality testing and have the ducts cleaned.

Answer: You could have mold in the air ducts and when the furnace comes on it is blowing the spores throughout the house. However, a worse problem could be that your flue is damaged and you have carbon monoxide entering the home. Have you looked into a new furnace filter? In any case, it is probably worth having someone come in and check the furnace and the duct work.