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Air Conditioners That Use Freon

Question: My air conditioner uses Freon, it is still in good shape and cools my home. What will happen if I need to have the coolant recharged? I understand that Freon is no longer supplied for air conditioners.

Answer: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has banned the use of R22 coolant in all new air conditioners produced. R22 or Freon as it is more commonly known is still available for recharging older air conditioners and will be available until January 1, 2020. It is unlikely that any air conditioners that currently use Freon as the coolant will be operational by that date.

However, that being said, R22 or Freon coolant has jumped in price, in some areas I have heard of 300% or higher increases in cost. This means that $50 of Freon last year will cost you $150 this year and there is no reason to believe that the price of Freon won’t continue to rise.

The less quantity of Freon that is produced, the higher the manufacturing costs become, so by 2020 you may be paying $1,000 or more for a recharge of R22 or Freon. This becomes uneconomical and basically will force homeowners to convert to new air conditioning systems.

The coolant that is currently accepted by the EPA is a product called Puron. Puron is an environmentally safe coolant and does not delete the ozone layer.