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Musty Smell In Closet

Question: My home is 54 years old and there a musty smell coming form one closet located in the center of the house. I have checked to see if there is any leaking from the ceiling and there isn’t. I have also checked the floors. My vents for my AC and heating are in the ceiling because the house was too low for anyone to go under it in the front. The floors are hardwood there is no carpeting at all. Could this still be from the ducts?

Answer: If the musty smell were only in one closet, I would venture a guess that it is a closet not used often and the door seals quite well, possibly carpet on the floor. Musty smells in closets are usually caused by poor ventilation and stagnant air. If it is not too inconvenient, leave the closet open for a while - a few days at least, and see if the musty smell disappears. If it does then you will need to put a small vent grill on the closet door, or just leave it open more often

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