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Length Of Curtain Rods

Question: How far should a curtain rod extend past a window?

Answer: There is no standard for the length of curtain rods. The length of the curtain rod is really subject to the homeowner’s personal taste.

The length of the curtain rod may also be influenced by adjacent walls, doors and other items such as sconce lights.

There are some guidelines:

  • All windows that are the same size in any specific room should have the curtain rods extending the same distance from the window trims.
  • The curtain rods should extend the same distance on both sides of the window trim.
  • As for the distance from the outer edge of the window trim. Consider a distance that would allow the curtains to hang, so that when fully opened, they do not block any of the window or window trim. This would be a guideline even if it is never the intention to open the curtains fully. This usually means that the heavier the curtain material the more distance required to allow the curtains to open fully.