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How Do I Repair A Dresser With A Marble Top?

Question: I have a 2'X4' dresser/credenza that has been in my husbands family for years. It is a darkly stained wood with a marble (I think) top on it. It looks like the previous owners have drilled some holes in the marble top and filled them with something white. I want this furniture piece to have a home behind my sofa. It is the perfect size for there but the top needs to be painted or refinished in some way (actually the whole piece needs re-finishing). Any ideas?

Answer: Marble is a natural stone and to my knowledge there is no way to fill a hole and not have it noticeable. That being said, my only suggestion would be to visit a marble company and talk to one of their experts. I would think that there are epoxy fills that might be able to be tinted to provide a reasonable match - of course, for you, they will always stand out!