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Falling Bookcase

Question: I have a bookcase that sits against a wall, on a rug and I am concerned about its stability. It is not right up against the wall because of the baseboard. We have 3 children that are always pulling books out of the bookcase and every time they do, the bookcase wobbles. I am concerned that one day it will fall on top of them. It would be difficult to fasten it to the wall because of the gap created by the baseboard. What is the best way to provide some stability to the bookcase?

Answer: The easiest way to stabilize any type of tall shelving unit, including bookcases and cabinets is to use a piece of nylon strap. Screw the nylon strap to the wall, using the proper type of fasteners for the type of wall, and large metal washers. Then screw the other end of the nylon strap to the top of the cabinet, using a large metal washer, as shown in Figure 1.

nylon strap securing bookcase

Figure 1 - Nylon strap securing bookcase

If the bookcase is wider than 48 inches I would use two straps.

Additional information on wall fasteners.

Once the nylon strap is in place you should no longer have a wobbling problem and the bookcase should be secure and should not topple over on you or your children.