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Keeping On Top Of Home Service Items

Question: I have so many things in my home that need to have regular service and maintenance I am concerned that I will lose track and items will not receive the service or maintenance on schedule.

Answer: If you are computer oriented there are many on-line computer calendars and diaries that allow you to make unlimited notations and set-up schedules. I use the calendar and diary in MS Outlook to keep track of the items that I must service and maintain.

If you are not computer oriented then purchase a calendar diary and write the items and dates of service in it.

The advantage to the computer calendar diary is that it will flag items as soon as you turn your computer on. Whereas with a paper calendar you have to remember to open it!

I also find that it is important to put items to do on days when you are likely to do them. As an example if you work Monday thru Friday, don’t put items that will take an hour or so during the week, schedule them for weekends. That way they are more likely to get done.

I also find that making a notation a week ahead, for items that I will have to purchase, helps me keep things on schedule. Items such as furnace filters, batteries, water filters.