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Joining Pieces Of Baseboard

Question: I am installing new baseboard in my living room and one of the walls is longer than the longest piece of baseboard that I can purchase. What is the best way to join two pieces of baseboard together in the middle of a wall?.

Answer: Do not use a butt joint! Butt joints along a length of baseboard will standout. From an aesthetic point of view, the best way is to cut the two baseboards is at opposing 30 degree angles.

A 45 degree angle is too sharp and the thin edge of the angle may splinter.

Install them so that the overlap is away from the most common line of sight, as shown in Figure 1.

joining baseboard

Figure 1 - Joining baseboard pieces

I suggest that the joint be glued using yellow carpenter’s glue if it is wood or a specially designed MDF glue. Be careful about driving a nail through the joint as you may split the wood. A nail will help hold the joint together but I suggest you drill a pilot hole first.