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Sagging Closet Rod

Question: The closet rod in our master bedroom is sagging due to the weight of the clothes. I have been trying to find a heavy duty closet rod, but have had no luck in finding one. Do you know where I can buy a heavy duty closet rod?

Answer: You could look for a metal supplier in your area that supplies metal bars, and tubes. They should have a tube that has a thicker wall than a standard closet rod. You might consider going to a stainless steel although that will be relatively expensive.

However, it is less expensive and just as easy to install a closet bar, as shown in Figure 1, to support in the center of the bar. It screws into the shelf above the closet bar. You should be able to find them at your local big box home improvement store.

Closet rod center support

Figure 1 - Closet rod center support