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Hanging Rugs On Walls

Question: I was at the movie theatre and noticed some walls covered with actual rug material looked really smooth and nice. I have a room that has really bad walls and I was wondering if it would be a good idea as a quick job to add low weight rug material to the walls using some compatible adhesive to get it to stick. The walls have a high gloss paint (that unfortunately added to the problem 4 years ago). Should I score the wall to expose areas where the adhesive can really stick? I don't want to do a great job adding the rugs and they peal off on the first hot day. Also - would the rugs on the walls create a dust or fibers in the air situation? The warmth factor and quieter environment should be benefits in addition to the smooth wall appearance.

Answer: Hanging carpets and rugs used to be very common – known as tapestries when hung on a wall. It has some advantages - reduces noise, and provides reasonable insulation. The disadvantages are that it does collect dust and must be vacuumed.

To install it, it is easier to use a door entrance tack strip rather than gluing - these are available at any carpet retailer or big box retailer. It is made of aluminum and has numerous pins protruding on an angle; it is used to hold carpet in position at a door entrance. If you mount it at the top of the wall, and then you hang the carpet on the hooks - it works, I have done it!