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Read & Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions - WARNING!

Recently a neighbor called me over to his home to show me what had happened to the vinyl siding from his propane barbeque, it had melted.

I asked what had happened and he told me that the fat on a Prime Rib Roast that he was barbequing had caught fire. Apparently, flames were exiting the barbeque from the front, back and the sides.

The back of the barbeque was situated approximately 18 inches from the vinyl siding. The "white" vinyl siding, in the area that had suffered the most heat, was black, twisted and buckled.

I noticed a label on the barbeque, which said, "Allow A Minimum Of 30 inches Of Clear Space On All Sides Of The Barbeque".

Pretty clear to me! When I pointed it out to my neighbor, his response was, "I never noticed that".

It is important to read and follow all instructions that are provided by manufacturers, not only for propane barbeques, but for all products. The manufacturers do know their products better than anyone else, and the safety, operation and use information that they supply is for your benefit!